Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smooth Down Under

Smooth Down Under, based in Branson, MO, is comprised of 3 musicians from different stomping grounds in the U.S., united by the blues. Recently, with shows in K.C., Mo., and Lake of the Ozarks, they are expanding their fanbase even further. The first thing that struck me upon listening was the excellent, tight guitar work. From originals to classics by Jimi and Stevie, the guitar, vocals, bass and drums are completely in sync on every single track. Richard Lee Wilson, the newest member of the band, owns on guitar and lead vocals. His powerful voice is gravally when appropriate, and soothing on other songs. Steve “Smooth Thunder” Cole is on bass, wailing alongside the guitar work for a tight, clean, fully enjoyable final product. On drums, Eric Sokol recently moved back from L.A., bringing his perfect cadance with him. If you love good, honest blues backed by serious talent, Smooth Down Under is certainly your cup of tea. The band is available for nightclubs, private events, and much more. Check them out today at

Marisa Pizza
News Director, KCOR

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